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Hand Carved Mahognay Lamps
In the year 1998 I made a decision to go another direction in life..  I gathered some drawings & sketches together & made my way to Indonesia. Being an avid surfer, this was the perfect venue for me; travel to Indo, get some waves, seek out people I could trust, work with and design this line of lamps ...  This was the beginning of my  company "Nu Moon".  For the past 10 years I have been providing my line of lamps for the Tommy Bahama Corporation, which has been extremely successful. At this time, I am offering my line on my own website.  My lamps are all hand-made and hand-carved individually of mahogany wood by a small family in Indonesia.  I hope that you enjoy what you see and make them a part or your 'Aloha' like the many people who have purchased my lamps.
John Walczak, "Zak" ~ "Nu Moon"
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Hand Carved Mahogany Lamps
My small family in Indonesia gets all of their wood from an Island called Java.  After receiving the wood, it is then dried and cut into  the sizes and shapes necessary for each project.  They draw  the outline on the wood, then start the process of hand carving with very sharp blades which gives them the finest cuts for these unique creations...
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