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Hand Carved Mahognay Lamps
Hand Carved Mahogany Lamps
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Hawaiian Girl Making Leis - $285.00

Hawaiian girls learn the art of making leis at a young age.  This truly unique lamp captures the essence of that tradition and the beauty of the Hawaiian culture.  The lampshade for this table lamp is included. It is made from neutral Linen Cloth Fabric that is hand stitched top and bottom with natural Coco thread.  Its octogon shape is 20 1/2 inches and it is 4" at the top.
Palm Tree Table Lamp - $225.00

This lamp is 25 inches total height.  The base is 7" and the palm  leaves are approx. 9" from center.  The bottom of the shade is 20"  in diameter.  The leaves are numbered for easy installation.
Hawaiian Girl - $250.00

The Hawaiian Girl is performing the traditional Hula.  Height 30". 7" round base.  
Coco Plam Table Lamp - $225.00

This lamp is 6" square and is 30" overall from base to top of shade.  The shade is 18" square at bottom and 41/2" at the top. The border is hand sewn top and bottom.
Hibiscus Table Lamp - $185.00
Large Pineapple Table Lamp - $225.00

A true symbol the Aloha Spirit in Hawaii and other South Pacific  locations. This beautiful hand carved lamp looks good in any room  and is polished to perfection. 27 1/2 inches from base to top of  shade. The base is 7" in diameter.
Small Pineapple Lamp - $120.00

The small pineapple lamp with shade is 18 1/2" high.
The base is  4" in diameter.
South Pacific Girl - $285.00

The beautifully hand carved 'South Pacific Girl' figure lamp is shown  with her kneeling with a sarong across her knees.  The lamp shade  (included in price) is made from Linen Cloth Fabric with coco thread  hand stitching.        Height: 28 inches - Base: 8" x 12"
                      Torch Ginger Table Lamp - $225.00

This lamp is 6 inches square and 18" from base to top of lamp; 30"  overall from base to top of shade.  The shade is 4 1/2" square at top  and 18" square at bottom with hand stitched Coco Threading.
Water Bearer - $285.00
Pineapple Floor Lamp - $395.00

Height: 63 inches from base to top of lamp - Base: 12" in diameter.  The shade is a Panel Octagon 20 1/2 " at bottom and 4" at top.
Coconut Palm Floor Lamp - $595.00
(Shipping NOT Included - eMail for Quote)

At 5' 6" tall, this is the hand carved 'big brother' to our table lamp.   The round base is 12". All leaves are numbered and easily removed  for transportation and shipping.  It weighs approx. 50 pounds with UL approved 3-way switches.  This is a unique floor lamp and a true conversation piece.  
Pineapple Dining Table - $1,650.00
(Shipping NOT Included - eMail for Quote)

Please call or eMail for more information.
Sm. Pineapple Candle Holder  17.00
Lg. Pineapple Candle Holder $25.00
All lamps are equipped with U.L. approved switches.
Height: 9 inches - Base: 4.5 inches
Holds 3 1/2 inch candle
Solid Hand Carved - Polished Mahogany
Hand Carved Surfboard Racks
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