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Hand Carved Surfboard Racks
These Hand Carved Mahogany Surfboard Disply Racks are available in three designs: Coco Palm, Pineapple or Tiki and three sizes: small, large and giant.  Both the large and  small sizes work with short fins, long fins or no fins.  The orinal large  rack allows for larger fins to go towards the wall.  The small racks  are made to allow a long or short board to go in areas like stairways  or closer to the wall but limit the fin size to apporx. 6 1/2 inches to  the wall.  The small racks are also great for snowboards, decorative coat racks, hanging plants or for window covering treatments.

Four 1/4" x 3" lag bolts, washers and decorative cover caps are included with each set of surfboard display racks.  Surfboard racks MUST  be installed on wall studs.  The racks are pre-drilled.  All the racks are hand inspected and hand packaged prior to shipping.  Complete instructions are included with each set.
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Hand Carved Mahogany Lamps
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To Order A Set of Surfboard Racks:
eMail us or call 707-458-3451
Small: $129.95  -  Large: $138.95  -  Giant: $795.00
Giant Surfboard / Paddleboard Display Racks

Top to Bottom along wall: 20" - Width: 3 3/4" - Projects into room: 24" - Cradle 4 3/4 "

Hardware:  6 - 1/4" x 4" lag bolts with washers and caps.  Felt padding for cradle.

These decorator quality display racks really make a "statement".
3 Designs
3 Sizes
Hand Carved Mahogany Surfboard Racks
NuMoon Lamps
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Large Surfboard Display Rack
Coco Palm Tree
Please note that these items sell out very quickly when in stock.
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